Weaver Carpets is a full-service flooring company in Denver, Colorado who wants to educate customers in making the right choice for their home or office.


Beautiful carpets are not only comfortable to walk on but also add a design element to your home. Weaver Carpets can provide a variety of colors, patterns, and textures that will embellish and enhance your home's ambiance. Your personal style and the mood you want to create can be captured with carpeting. No matter what your style or budget, we have a variety of the most trusted brands to deliver the best carpet to meet your needs.


Laminate Flooring

If you're on a budget and looking to save money, but still want the attractive design of hardwood, tile or stone flooring, laminate may be the best option. Weaver Carpets offers a wide selection of laminate flooring styles to cater to our customer's personal desires and needs for their Denver Metro Area home or business.


Vinyl Flooring

Weaver Carpets provides the following vinyl products and sevices:

  • Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

    Luxury vinyl tiles are similar to laminate flooring but in tile form with a rubberized backing. LVT can greatly reduce installation failures since it is more easily installed over imperfect subflooring.

  • Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)

    Like with LVT, the benefit of LVP is that it is significantly cheaper than hardwood flooring, while maintaining the same great look. Surface textures often include the look of scraping or embossing, which dramatically heighten the realism.

  • Vinyl Flooring

    There are a variety of advantages that come with installing vinyl flooring in your home. These are the same tried and true characteristics that have been touted since the fifties by vinyl flooring retailers and suppliers. Vinyl flooring is a solid surface that is low maintenance, water resistent, inexpensive and durable.


Tile Flooring

With our vast array of colors, textures, patterns and shapes of porcelain tile, you will find your perfect style. Porcelain tile can be glazed or unglazed to provide a matte, semi-gloss, or high-gloss finish. Our tile comes in a large selection of vibrant to neutral colors, as well as many shapes such as rectangles, circles, diamonds, octagons and more. We will guide you in making the best choices for the application in your home or office.