4 Myths About Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring continues to grow in popularity, but many are still skeptical that laminate can hold up to normal wear and tear. It is true that laminate flooring was not very durable or easy to repair when it was initially produced in 1977. Fortunately, laminate flooring has come a long way since then.

From cleanliness to appearance, let's take a look at the top 4 laminate flooring myths.

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#1: Laminate flooring is not durable

One of the most common myths about laminate flooring is that it is not durable. That might have been true when it was first produced, but today that is not the case. Each laminate flooring panel consists of at least four layers, including a wear layer that protects the floor and makes it durable. With this wear layer along with proper care, laminate floors are very durable and can last up to 25 years.


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#2: Laminate flooring is hard to clean

Laminate flooring is easier to clean than tile and wood flooring. Because of the wear layer, most substances do not penetrate the pattern layer leaving a stain. Each panel is very tightly installed so there is no seam to catch debris like you get with wood flooring. You can easily keep your laminate floor clean with habitual sweeping and damp mopping.


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#3: Laminate flooring cannot be repaired

Repairing laminate flooring is extremely easy and inexpensive. Because laminate flooring is installed in planks, you just have to replace the damaged plank.

If the damage is small enough, some scratches and scuffs can be fixed with a repair kit. Check out the Picobello Repair Kit or Ram-Pro Markers for minor touch-ups.


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#4: Laminate flooring looks cheap

While laminate flooring is an inexpensive flooring option, it has come a long way since its initial design. There are so many different designs, patterns, and even textures to choose from that it can be hard to tell whether it is hardwood or vinyl flooring.

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